Friday, July 24, 2009

The Geotec Tube Advantage

Learn More about the Geotec Tube Advantages:
Our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for cost effective shoreline erosion repair. Because of past unrestricted dredging by developers for fill to build upon, shoreline erosion has affected most all developments, homeowners associations, golf courses, and private residences throughout the southern United States.
The Florida Water Management Districts (FWMD) has "set the standard" regarding the installation of ALL methods of erosion repair. Studies have shown that the Geotec Tube system is the most cost effective long-term option accepted by the SFWMD. Having proven itself over many years. ASR has decided to focus primarily on the Geotec Tube system.
ASR has a working relationship with engineers from the Florida Water Management Districts through out the State of Florida. ASR values this relationship and will continue to meet or exceed their specs for the Geotec-Tube method of shoreline maintenance.